Evenin: Products for life

Only products that are economical and ecological are awarded an Evenin certificate. This includes products like the Thermostar dry steam cleaner, which not only has higher quality and a longer service life, but is also demonstrably better for our climate and environment.

However, the independent retailer association Evenin offers you even more:

  • More guaranteed environmentally friendly products
  • Low-cost original accessories and spare parts for many home appliances
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of your old appliances


Your old appliance for a good purpose

The Evenin Group feels committed to sustainability and the environment. Hence, for example, functional, used appliances that are accepted in exchange for new appliances are not scrapped, but passed on to needy persons or institutions, like kindergartens, for example.

You can find out more about Evenin, the Evenin philosophy and the Evenin certificate at info@thermostar.info as well as directly from Thermostar authorised dealers.